Toe in Water Turns into Career for Makowsky, Ringel

June 4, 2014


Gary, Nick, Jimmy, Michael, and Jerome

Both Gary Makowsky and Jimmy Ringel spent part of their high school and college summers around the pool. But they weren’t swimming. And they weren’t lifeguards.  Instead they were getting their feet wet for careers in the family business by cleaning the pools at the apartment communities owned and managed at the time by their fathers, Jerome Makowsky and Nick Ringel. 

Today, Jimmy serves as chief operating officer of Makowsky Ringel Greenberg, LLC and Gary is chief development officer, both representing the second generation of this multifamily family.  Joined by Michael Greenberg, CEO and son-in-law to Jerome, this team of three oversees the management of more than 6,000 apartment units in the Memphis Metro, as well as over 1 million square feet of commercial real estate-primarily retail and smaller industrial/flex space.  Learn more about the history of this family business in this recent feature article from units Magazine.