About MRG

Makowsky Ringel Greenberg, LLC is a vertically-integrated regional real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, development, construction and management of multi-family and other commercial real estate properties. Our major objective is to identify, create and manage real estate opportunities that will maximize returns for investors and clients, and provide desirable living and working spaces for tenants.

Building relationships for two generations.

MRG began developing and managing multi-family properties in 1967. Known initially as Professional Management Associates and later as Makowsky & Ringel, the firm developed and renovated thousands of apartment units across in Memphis and northern Mississippi and eventually began expanding into other areas of commercial real estate. In 2000, after years of learning the business from the ground up, the second generation officially took the company reins, forming today’s Makowsky Ringel Greenberg, LLC operated by principals Gary Makowsky, Jimmy Ringel and Michael Greenberg.

Growth in the best interests of clients.

The real estate market is ever-changing. Over the years, we’ve responded to market opportunities, carefully expanding our business in ways we believe can best serve the needs of investors and clients. While multi-family continues to be our core business, we have selectively diversified our portfolio to include select commercial developments. Though our brokerage and property management capabilities were initially developed to provide a level of control that would allow us to increase profits for investors, we saw value in extending this expertise and infrastructure to a select group of third party clients and began offering these services as well. Today we offer a full range of multi-family and commercial real estate services to equity partnerships, institutional investors, and corporate and residential tenants.

Executive Team

Michael Greenberg

Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy Ringel

Chief Operating Officer

Gary Makowsky

Chief Development Officer

Stacy Canales

Vice President of Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer

Raymond Evans

Vice President

Roger McLemore

Vice President of Commercial Properties

Dana Jones

Commercial District Property Manager

Dawn Barber

Regional Property Manager

Nikki Westmoreland

Regional Property Manager

Gina Mize

Regional Property Manager